Leukerbad Kid's Ski School

 Snowli group ski lessons for children age 4 - 5

During the Snowli group ski lessons children will learn to ski in small groups and in a playful way. Accompanied by Snowli, they will make their first experiences on skis and will train to slow down and stop independently in the family-friendly ski resort Wallis.

Children aged 4 - 5, who have already made their first experiences and are able to glide and brake independently can participate in the Advanced Snowli group.

You will find a video showing a Snowli group here.

                          Snowpark SportarenaSnowliland Torrent
                Monday - Friday                  Monday - Friday
Morning                    09:30 – 11:30                      10:00 - 12:00
Afternoon                 14:00  16:00 (PS)                                -

PS = only during peak season, depending on demand


From March 5th 2018Snowpark SportarenaSnowliland Torrent
Monday - FridayMonday - Friday
Morning10:00 – 12:0010:00 - 12:00

In order to help you decide which ski resort meets your requirements best, we have listed the advantages of the respective ski resorts in the FAQs section.


  • All facilities in the Sportarena Snowbark (incl. Snow Kid's Village) or in the Snowliland on Torrent during course lessons
  • Small snack during break time
  • Ski race with memorial medal and entry into the Swiss Snow League book (from 4 course days)
  • Torch-light skiing in the Snowpark Sportarena
per person
CHF / Euro
5 half days (à 2 hours)200.- / 173.95Book
4 half days (à 2 hours)188.- / 163.50Book
3 half days (à 2 hours)141.- / 122.60Book

per Person
CHF / Euro
5 Halfday(à 2 hours)200.- / 173.95Book
4 Halfdays(à 2 hours)188.- / 163.50Book
3 Halfdays (à 2 hours)141.- / 122.60Book

The Euro prices are only approximate and will be calculated with the daily exchange rate (Indication price: 1 Euro = CHF 1.15).
Snowli lessons can only be booked for a minimum of 3 days.
Beginners can only start on Mondays and Tuesdays, otherwise the level is already too far advanced.

Additional offer

If you are not sure if your child is ready for a group course, we recommend to book a MuKi / VaKi private lesson first. Together with the mother and/or father, children get slowly used to skiing. They will get advice from competent instructors. The Muki/Vaki course is also useful to decide which group the child should be assigned to. Read more…